about the show

Connecting different families

36 families toggle it out in the house for the ultimate price of 50 million Naira, a brand new SUV and bragging rights as the celebrity family of the year.  

Auditions would take place in lagos, each family is to register under their state for a chance to represent their state in the house. 36 families would be chosen to represent the 36 states from the auditions 

How to get started

  • Visit www.lagosfamilytvshow.com/getstarted
  • Fill in your details correctly to signup
  • Complete the registration by verifying your email
  • Pay a sum of N2,000 and ensure you copy out your payment reference code
  • Enter the reference code to the form field below to proceed to your profile page.
  • Finish your account setup by clicking on update profile to put in your family picture.
  • Stay tuned to get events new and updates
  • Follow all our social handles @lagosfamilyshow

No family goes home empty-handed

What are the benefits ?

Cash price

Over N100 million in prize money to be won.1 family goes home with N50 Million and an SUV

Help your community

We believe it will be a link between the government and the governed in a State that is yearning for a reawakening. It is important to re-ignite unity, hope, and trust within the people starting from the grassroots.

Connect with other families

36 families living in Lagos representing their State of origin in Nigeria13 weeks of competition

Become a part of something global

This campaign is the first of its kind designed to provide collaboration and sense of belonging amongst Lagosians to create unity, cultural and social development within the State. The average Lagosian is a goal getter weather from east west, south or north.


Does your family have what it takes?

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Frequently asked Questions

They are not new to the global stage. Meet our carefully selected judges from music, dance, and morals. .
What is the minimum age of participant of a family member

The minimum age is 14

What is the minimum number per family?

Minimum number per family is 4 and 3 reserves

Are reserves also family members?

Yes, maybe extended family members as long as they share same family name